Andrea’s Gluten Free Pizza

Last week I was back in St. Louis at my parent’s house, where my dad and sister also have Celiac.  My mom was going to be out for the evening and told me to make the frozen Andrea’s gluten free pizza for dinner.  Andrea’s is GF bakery, located in Chesterfield, MO.  



When it is thawed, you have to be very careful if you are going to move it.  When uncooked, the crust is fragile.  It cooks the same way any frozen pizza does.  We had the Spinach Artichoke Cheese pizza.




I didn’t have very high expectations for this “fake pizza”, but it was pretty good!


This probably wouldn’t have been my first choice of toppings… I usually go for the bacon or meat-lover’s pizzas!  If someone else cooked this for me, I would not have guessed it was gluten free.  Every pizza place has their own style of crust and sauce, and I would have guessed this was just another pizza shop.  The bottom crust was a little soft, but just like normal frozen pizzas, the crispiness of your crust is dependent on how you cook it and what you cook it on.  Overall, this pizza was pretty good!  

I’m still adjusting to the price of gluten free items, but $14.95 doesn’t seem too bad for a ready to cook, gluten free pizza.  Andrea’s has a handful of toppings to choose from, plus you can buy the GF crusts by themselves.  

Andrea’s Fine Foods