Premeditated Glutening Will Get You 11 Years in the Pen

This “baker” made up an elaborate lie about having a 150,000 sq. ft. commercial kitchen and about raising his own grain on a 400 acre farm.  He sold his “gluten free” products at fairs and delivered to homes.  His story goes on and on, and his story is pretty detailed.

I have very little tolerance for liars and crooks!  He bought his products at COSTCO and repackaged them!

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New PF Chang's Gluten Free Menu

I love Chinese food and being able to eat it anywhere is one of the things I miss the most, especially the buffets!  PF Chang’s has become a favorite of mine because of their gluten free menu and because the quality of food is very good. I have only had good experiences there, and they have not broken my trust that they take all of the precautions and are 100% gluten free.

“P.F. Chang’s upholds a rigorous gluten free cooking process to ensure the dietary safety of guests with celiac disease. The restaurant’s staff takes all the necessary measures of precaution during the preparation and serving of gluten free dishes.”

I am very excited to learn that PF Chang’s has expanded their gluten free menuPRESS RELEASE

“The newly expanded Gluten Free Menu features the following items:

GF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps – $7.95

GF Egg Drop Soup Cup – $2.95/Bowl – $5.95

GF Singapore Street Noodles – $9.95

GF P.F. Chang’s Fried Rice – $7.95/Combo – $9.95

GF Buddha’s Feast – $7.50

GF Spinach Stir-Fried with Garlic
GF Garlic Snap Peas
GF Shanghai Cucumbers
Small: $2.95/Large: $4.95

GF Flourless Chocolate Dome – $5.95

Lunch Bowls:
GF Buddha’s Feast – $7.25
GF Shrimp with Lobster Sauce – $8.95
GF Moo Goo Gai Pan – $8.95
GF Beef with Broccoli – $8.95
GF Pepper Steak – $8.95

GF Shrimp with Lobster Sauce – $12.95
GF Moo Goo Gai Pan -$13.25
GF Ginger Chicken With Broccoli – $12.75
GF Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken – $12.95
GF Chang’s Spicy Chicken – $12.95
GF Chang’s Lemon Scallops – $14.95
GF Salmon Steamed With Ginger – $17.95
GF Cantonese Shrimp or Scallops – $14.95
GF Mongolian Beef – $14.95
GF Beef with Broccoli – $11.95
GF Beef a La Sichuan – $13.95
GF Pepper Steak – $13.25
GF Hong Kong Beef with Snow Peas – $10.25
GF Dali Chicken – $12.95″

I already have my next visit planned:   Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps & Chang’s Spicy Chicken with Chan’s Fried Rice

Who is this “Chang” guy anyway?  I need to meet him!

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Chipotle is Gluten Free

I have some personal good news and bad news for you: I am no longer addicted to gluten, although I am now addicted to Chipotle.

I want to avoid gluten. What can I eat at your restaurant?
Most people wanting to avoid gluten can eat anything we serve except for our wheat burrito tortillas, our soft wheat taco tortillas, and possibly our hot red tomatillo salsa (there is a small amount of distilled vinegar in it which some gluten-oriented websites still say might be problematic, although most don’t).
Everything else is fine to eat for most people wanting to avoid gluten, including our crispy corn tacos, our corn chips, and our burrito bowls (no tortilla). However, you should know that it’s possible our corn may have a small amount of gluten from potentially co-mingling with gluten-containing grains in the field.
If you are highly sensitive and would like us to change our gloves, we would be happy to do that at your request. Additionally, because our folks work with wheat tortillas all day long, there may be the possibility of cross-contact in our restaurants. We encourage you to carefully consider your dining choices.
”  taken from Chipotle’s website

Find a Chipotle in your area!

Do you love Chipotle as much as I do?

Godfathers Pizza Goes Gluten Free

Today I had the opportunity to interview Daniel, the manager of the Overland Park, KS Godfather’s Pizza location, and try one of their gluten free pizzas. The pizza was great, and Daniel was very knowledgeable on gluten free food preparation.  I feel very safe eating at Godfather’s after seeing first-hand the steps they take to ensure there is no gluten or cross-contamination.



When the pizza arrived at my table it was in a to-go box.  This first took me by surprise, but then I realized how serious they were about cross-contamination.  In the photos above, you can see the bright green gluten free sticker holding the box closed.  This unbroken sticker lets Godfather’s and the customer know that no one has tampered with the pizza since it has left the kitchen.  I really like this finishing touch they put on their delivery and presentation.


The gluten free pizzas are baked on premade 10″ crusts.  I ordered the all-meat combo, my favorite!  From first sight, all the way through finishing every crumb, it was just as I remembered “real” pizza.  Unlike some other gluten free pizzas I have tried in the past, the crust was thin and slightly crispy; the way it should be!  I did not notice an unpizza-like taste from the crust, but my girlfriend said, side by side, she could tell a slight difference… but not a bad one.  All the meat, cheese, and sauce were great, as expected!


We GFers are used to paying a premium for anything gluten free.  This is why, in the beginning, I shy-ed away from buying gluten free foods and stuck with only natural foods.  Godfather’s has their gluten free pizza priced EXACTLY the same as the “normal people” pizzas!  I was in shock over this and applaud them for it.  In the photos above, you see the same prices for their gluten free small pizzas as the regular small pizzas.


After I finished eating, Daniel took me to see the kitchen and the extra steps they take when making gluten free pizzas.  The first thing I noticed was lots of bright green, laminated pieces of paper on the walls.  Each one gives special instructions on how to prepare a gluten free pizza during each step of the process.  The photo on the left is of the dedicated gluten free counter space.  Inside the bag are individually wrapped tools used for preparing the pizzas.  When not in use, the tools stay sealed inside the bags to prevent cross contamination through the air.  Most places do not think of, or even attempt to stop cross-contamination in the air.  You will also notice the box of gloves that the employees switch to when handling gluten free pizzas.  The middle picture is of the ingredient table with the gluten free instructions above.  The photo on the right is of Daniel standing next to the dedicated gluten free freezer where all the individually packaged crusts are stored.  I am shocked by the double precautions that are in place.


I had a great experience during and after(you know what I mean) my lunch at Godfather’s pizza!  The pizza was great, the prices were not above normal, and the service was excellent!  I will be returning frequently and bringing friends.  For the non-gluten free people, they have a great lunch buffet for only $6 that I am very jealous of.  Thanks again to the manager, Daniel, and to Field Project Developer, Victoria, for giving me a tour and answering all my questions.

Here is a list, as of July 2009, of the Godfather’s locations that serve gluten free pizza:


Gluten Free Trip to Kansas City

Hey guys,
Here is my food review for the weekend.  Let’s just say, food was my focus and I really indulged!

Saturday – Waldo’s Pizza in Lee Summit –   Thanks for the recommendation Mike!  My friends selected the Lee Summit location b/c the only other time they went to Waldo’s was the KC location and they had over an hour wait.  No wait in Lee Summit.  They had a pretty good gluten free menu.  But, I had to go with the pizza!  I ordered the 6 inch Waldo Combo (hamburger, pork sausage, onions, canadian bacan, green pepper, mushroom, pepperoni, black olives).  It was awesome!!!  I was wishing I had gotten the 12in pizza to have the leftovers, but the price would have jumped up from 7.15 to 18.55.  It was the best pizza I have had since being GF.  Really, really good.  Mike, you will have to bring some carry out the next time you come to STL:-).

Sunday – Grand St. Cafe in the Plaza –   We went for brunch.  It was amazing.  The brunch menu is a set menu of about 10 meal choices for $15.  This includes an “appetizer buffet”.  On the buffet I had the fresh fruit and the grilled vegetables.  Besides that they had items like hummus and pita, pastries, pasta.  The staff is very well informed on the menu and what items are gluten free.  I had my choice of 3 or 4 things (fritata, steak and eggs, etc).  The waiter stated that the hanger steak and eggs (and potato) was the best bang for my buck.  So, I went with that!  It was very good.  I had seen online that they had GF crab cakes.  I haven’t had crab cakes since being gluten free and I have been really wanting them.  So, I ordered those in addition.  They were outstanding.  The order was two of them and they were about the size of a coaster….good thing because they were $16!  But, I would totally get them again.  I had enough leftovers for another meal

Sunday night – Tannah’s in Leawood –  It is near my friends church and they had been wanting to try it.  Bryce looked it up and it stated that they accommodate allergies and gf.  When we arrived I asked about a gluten free menu and sure enough they had one.  It is food with an “asian flare”.  It is very similar to PF Changs or Stir Crazy.  I decided on the GF fried rice with chicken and beef.  Once again, this is the first time I have been able to have this since being GF.  It was really good.  I had plenty of leftovers.  It was around $10.

HyVee – Olivia’s Oven – They deliver to this Hy Vee on Thursday.  By the time I got there on Sunday, it was pretty picked over.  But, to my delight an employee pointed out the fact that all items from ‘health Matters’ section are 15% off if you place them in a paper bag (probably a temporary sale).  So, all my Olivia’s oven items were discounted.  I purchased some of the 6in. pizza shells, cinnamon apple donut holes and snickerdoodles.  The donut holes are really good heated up slightly.  The cookies were okay.  I prefer these snickerdoodles.  I tried the pizza shell tonight with my own toppings.  It isn’t as good as Waldo’s, but I think I just need to get better toppings and maybe cook the shell a couple minutes before topping.

Sprint Center now Gluten free friendly! St. Louis is only 4 hours away, yet so far behind.  So far, I have found KC and San Antonio to be the most accomodating cities and the easiest to eat gluten free.  I have read that Phoenix and Austin are great places to visit and be GF as well.  Hmm, I wonder if Fromm’s would like to make a GF Travel guide.  I would apply for that job!


St. Louis, MO

Pizza Too Good to be True! *UPDATED

*UPDATE*  Some Godfather’s Pizza locations do have gluten free pizzas!

Here is my official review of Godfather’s Pizza’s gluten free pizzas. It was a great experience! Please check all the photos and detailed description of the kitchen.

The following story is now proven inaccurate, and is for comedy only…


I heard Godfather’s Pizza was now searving Gluten Free pizzas. I am a pizza LOVER, so I was very excited!

I went to the Godfather’s near my house on an afternoon while they were serving their lunch buffet. After I paid, the guy at the counter asked me if there was any pizza I would like him to make. I asked for a Gluten Free meatlovers in a small. I asked for a small because I didn’t want him to waste a whole Gluten Free pizza on just me. He assured me that everyone loves it and doesn’t know the difference, so he would just cook a large and put it on the buffet. My pizza arrived and it was GREAT!!! The crust looked a little different, but was still very good. I was extremely excited that I had found a local place with Gluten Free Pizza!


I couldn’t resist, so I returned 24 hours later. I asked again(a different employee than the day before) for a Gluten Free meat-lovers pizza…. He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I repeated myself over and over… and I still got the same confused look. I explained how I was here yesterday and they cooked me a gluten free pizza and it even talks about them on their website… I’m sure I don’t have a speech problem and I could not have been misunderstood the day before. The manager assured me he had never heard of gluten free and that he did not offer them…. he then told me my choices of crust: thin, hand-tossed, pan, or GOLDEN! It felt like someone had just blown out the candles on my birthday cake and taken away all of my fun… The day before they had made me a GOLDEN CRUST pizza and not a Gluten Free crust pizza!!! BUMMER!  It is a good thing I don’t have the stomach type of symptoms, or the day before would have been a really BAD one…

Some things are just too good to be true!

Get yourself some gluten free pizza crusts to make at home… it may be your only option.

(it doesn’t say gluten free on their website anymore, but I swear it used to!)


Frequently Asked Gluten Free Questions

On a daily basis, I check to see what search terms people used to end up on my blog.  Some are pretty basic and some get complicated.  I am going to try and cover a bunch of them now…

Chipotle: My “go to” for a quick and tasty meal.  I can always find one nearby when in a hurry.  I get a chicken burrito bowl!  I like it so much, I decided to make my own at home.  It was pretty good.  Every time I go, I watch the cooks to pick up tips and the little ingredients.

Free Wristbands: My wristbands are not free, but I do offer a couple ways to get yours free for helping spread the word about them.  I did give a handful away for free during the gluten free Twitter party #gfree.

Bakeries: There are some great bakeries out there that make gluten free items.  Lots of them are even supplying restaurants so they can offer their version of gluten free plates.  I started a list of gluten free bakeries sorted by state.

Jokes: I would have never guessed that so many people would search for jokes about celiac.  I guess when the symptoms are “dirty,” you could call these dirty jokes!

Margaritas: Yes, margaritas are gluten free!  There are lots of different ways to make them, but I posted my favorite.  I can’t think of anything that is normal in margaritas that could contain gluten.  This is always one of my safe bets.  I used to love a nice cold beer on a hot day(or any occasion) but good margaritas are doing the trick for me now.

Magazine: There are a few magazines about living gluten free: Delight (that I wrote a review of), and Gluten Free Living.

Effects of Gluten/Sleepy/Lethargic:  I didn’t have the typical stomach symptoms, so it was tough for me to make the switch to gluten free and keep on track.  After years of delaying my switch, I noticed I was always tired and could care less about many things.  After switching, I feel great and alert!  When I accidentally get ‘glutened’ I can tell a difference in how I feel that day and the next morning.  I wake up after sleeping 10 hours and think back to something I ate yesterday.

Beer/Light Beer/Redbridge/Bud Light: NO, Bud Light is not gluten free!  YES, Redbridge is gluten free!  There are many alternatives now and many more to come!  ARTICLE

Taquitos: You have to watch out when buying or ordering taquitos,  they can have hidden sources of gluten.  First, you need to make sure they use corn tortillas.  Second, frequently even ground beef can have gluten added to it.  I wrote an article about some taquitos I found that state on the box GLUTEN FREE.

Pizza: Pizza is one of the things I miss the most.  I used to be able to go to the Little Ceasar’s and get a $5 pizza- how convenient, cheap and good.  I can’t do that anymore.  Here are a list of places that serve gluten free pizza.  Through trial and error, I have found some good ones.

#gfree: This was a Twitter tag that is used to categorize Tweets when talking about gluten free.  It was started when we had a gluten free party day.  The #gfree party was a huge sucess, and I hope to see many more in the future.  People continue to use it.

I hope this article has helped give you quick references to the most frequently searched terms on my site about gluten free.  I’m sure I will add more in the future.

St. Louis Microfest: May 1 & 2

I was just told about the St. Louis Microfest.  It looks like a big beer tasting party in Forrest Park!  The best part… Gluten Free Beer!!!  A handful of breweries will be represented that brew gluten free beer, including: Redbridge, Bard’s Tale, New Grist, Woodchuck, St. Peter’s, and a few other gluten free choices.



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