GF Weight Loss Diet: Week 3

Everything finally came together in week 3 of my diet.  I was eating right and exercising.  I was looking forward to my Friday weigh-in.

On Friday, I got on the scale…. 208.  NO CHANGE!!! How could this be?  I had my best week yet perfecting my diet and did the most exercise.  Was I eating too many calories?  Was I eating too little with the amount of workouts I was doing?  Was my last weigh in with very little water in my body and this week with a lot?  What’s the deal?

Overall, I am not too frustrated by it… but really hoping for a better weigh-in next week.

2 tips:

No big cheat meals!  I was out with some friends on Friday night.  I only had one drink- I was being good.  Everyone decided to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant.  I decided it was OK to have the half order of my usual nachos.  So, I ate the whole thing.  I felt like absolute crap for the next 3 days.  I couldn’t even sleep well that night.  It wasn’t because of the guilt of eating something I wasn’t supposed to, but all that unhealthy food, just made me feel like crap.  Even Saturday and Sunday, I still felt terrible.  So, maybe you can have a cheat ITEM, but not a huge meal.

Start your diet on a Monday- not on a Friday.  I started on a Friday, because that was what January 1st fell on- not by choice.  I find that if I have a good week and weigh-in on a Friday, then that gives my the mentality that I can cheat over the weekend, since I have many days until I weigh in again.  I need to work as if my weigh-in is every day, taking every day as if it was the same.  No more cheating on Friday after the weigh-in!!!

Kansas City Marriage Proposal

Sorry this doesn’t really relate to gluten free, but we did go to PF Chang’s afterward where they have a gluten free menu!  I did put it on Twitter(@switch2gf) hours before it was going to happen, because she isn’t on Twitter.

I really just need a place for my family, friends, and everyone else to see this video, and this is the easiest place!

“Mike & Stephanie got engaged on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. First, they went to happy hour with her sister, Jessica, and her boyfriend, Matt. Earlier in the week, Mike invited 25 of their friends and family as a surprise for Stephanie. Everyone waited for them in the five degree weather at the Pomona Fountain outside the Eddie Bauer store. When Mike & Stephanie arrived at the fountain, Stephanie was too distracted by the cold weather and news camera to notice all the people. Eventually, she saw her mom and everyone else and immediately bust into tears. Afterward, everyone went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. Thank you to everyone for being part of this surprise and bearing the cold weather to be with us! Also, a big thank you to Susan who added to the surprise, even for Mike, by inviting the news station. -Mike & Stephanie”

Gluten Free New Years Resolutions

OK, Who has one?

Anyone switching to the gluten free lifestyle?

Anyone committing 100%?

Anyone vowing not to ever cheat again?



January 1st, 2010, will be my 1 year 100% committment to being gluten free!

Now that I think I have mastered the gluten free diet, I plan to set some new health goals including the GF diet.

My 2010 resolution will be to lose weight on a gluten free diet.  I have a relaxing trip planned to Costa Rica at the end of March, so that is my main motivation for losing weight.  I have set the goal of losing 30lbs in the 12 weeks prior to our departure.  My diet will start on Jan. 1st.  I will keep everyone updated at least once a week with a video and summary of what I am eating and how I am feeling.  I have a few days left to put my diet on paper and decide what supplements I will use to aid the weight loss and replace meals.

Once I have lost the weight, I plan to get back into the gym and start lifting seriously again.

What are your gluten free plans for 2010?

Celiac Four Times More Common than 1950s

Watch this video and let me know what you think?  I’m not sure if I agree with a few things, but ya gotta trust people who are smarter than you are…

Video from the

Here is the entire article:

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Celiac disease is 4 times more common now than it was in the 1950’s, according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Their conclusion results from a study in which they had access to frozen blood samples that had been drawn between 1948 and 1954 from 9133 healthy young Air Force personnel. The investigators tested these samples for the presence of celiac disease autoantibodies and then compared the results with their findings in two other gender-matched cohorts: 5558 present-day residents of Minnesota born in the same years as the earlier cohort, and 7210 present-day Minnesota residents who are now the same ages as the frozen-sample donors were in 1948-1954.

In the July issue of Gastroenterology, lead author Dr. Alberto Rubio-Tapia and his colleagues report that 14, or 0.2%, of the subjects who provided blood samples roughly 60 years ago had undiagnosed celiac disease. In contrast, the rate of undiagnosed celiac disease was 0.8% in the current subjects with similar years of birth as the1948-1954 cohort (with 46 cases of undiagnosed celiac disease) and 0.9% in the current subjects with similar age at sampling (with 68 undiagnosed celiacs).

In other words, “the prevalence of celiac disease has dramatically increased more than four-fold in the United States during the past 50 years,” the researchers said. Similar increases have been reported in Europe, they added.

Dr. Rubio-Tapia’s team also found that among the volunteers in the 1948-1954 study, all-cause mortality during the next 45 years was nearly four times higher for people with undiagnosed celiac disease than for those who were seronegative (hazard ratio 3.9).

In a press release from the Mayo Clinic, senior author Dr. Joseph Murray commented, “Some studies have suggested that for every person who has been diagnosed with celiac disease, there are likely 30 more who have it but are not diagnosed. And given the nearly quadrupled mortality risk for silent celiac disease we have shown in our study, getting more patients and health professionals to consider the possibility of celiac disease is important.”

“Moreover,” the research team concludes, “our finding that the prevalence of celiac disease seems to have increased dramatically during the past 50 years suggests that celiac disease is emerging as a substantial public health concern in the United States.”

“The reasons for the increasing prevalence of celiac disease over time will need further study,” Dr. Rubio-Tapia told Reuters Health. “Human genetic changes are extremely slow, unlikely to happen in only 50 years, thus the most likely explanation may be environmental.”

Dr. Rubio-Tapia also cited what is sometimes referred to as the “hygiene hypothesis,” noting that “changing patterns of childhood infection as a consequence of a cleaner environment may also affect the prevalence of celiac disease (and other autoimmune diseases),” leading to fewer infections but more allergic and/or autoimmune diseases. “Recent data from Europe support this theory in celiac disease,” Dr. Rubio-Tapia pointed out. “The prevalence of celiac disease was lower in Russian Karelia (on the border with Finland) with inferior prosperity and (standards of hygiene) than in Finland.”

“However,” he continued, “I think that the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ is likely only a partial explanation because celiac disease is a global health problem that affects both developed and developing countries…. Also, there is evidence that certain infections such as rotavirus may increase the risk of celiac disease in genetically predisposed individuals. So, the interaction between humans and infectious microorganisms is very complex and certainly different in each person.”

“Finally,” Dr. Rubio-Tapia said, “as celiac disease is triggered by gluten, we can speculate that maybe some changes in gluten such as patterns of consumption, processing or preparation of gluten-containing foods might be factors; however, extensive scientific evidence are lacking and (any such change) remains to be proven experimentally.”

Ultimately, Dr. Rubio-Tapia concluded, “the increasing prevalence of celiac disease over time may be the result of several of (these) factors acting together to cause damage of the intestine in genetically susceptible persons.”

Gastroenterology 2009;137:88-93.

Gluten Free Sick Day Foods

A while back someone asked me “what are some good foods to eat when you are sick?”  I don’t get sick too often, BUT today I am!  It seems like when you are sick, you crave unhealthy, soothing foods.

I really want to hear from you about what you eat when you are sick.

My personal favorites:

  • Orange Sherbet
  • Warm Apple Cider
  • Orange Juice
  • Soups

Here is a screen shot of General Mills Progresso Soups that are gluten free:

Progresso Soups

Beginners Video on Celiac

This is the most educational video I have ever seen on celiac and gluten intolerance.  It starts out very basic, then gets in-depth about what is actually going on in the body and why.  Then it goes into the history of celiac.  I had never heard the history elsewhere, so trust it if you want.

Showing this video would be a great way to explain celiac to someone.  Even when I tell people what it means to be gluten intolerant, I can’t get the idea across this well.

To Cheat or Not to Cheat: Chapter 3

Do you play in traffic, blindfolded?

Have you ever played Russian Roulette?

Do you pray for cancer?

Do you eat gluten? Yes or No?  Simple question.

Terina, the author of Gluten Free Reality, recently wrote an article about cheating on a gluten free diet.  Check it out HERE.(I’ll call that one- Chapter 2)  To say the least… it got me a little fired up at 2:30AM, so I decided to write a Chapter 3.  Her recent article was actually a follow-up on one of her previous articles: HERE.  (Chapter 1)

Here are a few excerpts from Terina’s articles:

  • “I’ve been relistening to the CD’s from the 2009 CF Conference and Dr. Peter Green says that he surveys his patients with celiac disease and that American’s with CD cheat 80% of the time.”
  • “We risk long-term permanent damage if we cheat. In America only 14% of us regain full villi growth as adults. Children do (because adults don’t let them cheat!) That means most of us are risking all of the diseases from malnutrition.
  • “This is why there are no good long term projections for Americans with celiac disease. Why do we feel it our constitutional right to eat whatever we want? Statistics project that most celiac patients are going to die early and do it miserably.
  • “Dr. Peter Green says that when CD patients cheat, incurable diseases ensue. America has tremendously high rates of contributory disease due to malnutrition and our inability to control our GF diets. Diabetes, Cancer, Crohns, Arthritis and Osteoporosis to name a few.”

WristbandsAdThis is serious people! Really!  Why the fcuk would you cheat????

Answer that and I’ll argue with you all day long.  Actually, I should probably just end it by putting you out of your future misery now, as a favor to you and your children.

Someone once asked me: “Would you knowingly eat poison?”  That question seems a little extreme or exaggerated, at first, but it really isn’t!

How do you want to die?

Personally, I’d like to die comfortably at a really old age and not die young and suffer from years of diseases and various complications.  You have a choice to make.

UNFORTUNATELY, we are a select group diagnosed with Celiac disease and daily must make tough, uncomfortable, embarrassing, and inconvenient choices and ALWAYS pick the hardest one!

FORTUNATELY, we were diagnosed with a curable disease.  It is curable by our own choices and not with medical help.  It doesn’t cost you a penny or need some Obama-failure plan to save your life.

80% of you cheat! WTF People!  You have a sick side that likes torture and death!  Just the word “miserably” scares me enough!  I don’t want to pay for your health care, especially if it was your choice to put yourself in that situation.  Don’t get a “contributory disease” and “die early and do it miserably.”

My story:  For a few years after I was diagnosed, I didn’t stick to the diet.  I had NO symptoms whatsoever.  So, I continued to live the college life of beer, pizza, and McDonalds double cheeseburgers.  At the time, I didn’t really realize the future consequences, and I was too cheap and fast-paced to think about alternatives.  Now I know it was stupid, and I have changed.  It hasn’t been a fraction of how hard I thought it was going to be to eat gluten free.  It has been little, or no, inconvenience to friends or family.  Actually, it has made them reconsider their diet and eat healthier.  It isn’t that hard to do.

OK- All right-wing and potty-mouthed joking aside… this is serious business.  This article was intended to be a little(or big) wake-up call.  Help spread gluten free awareness and make the right choice for yourself.  And do one thing for me… when you see someone cheating- slap’em in the face!



PS:  I appreciate all types of comments, questions and conversation(good and bad).  If you are going to repost or write a follow-up on my article(thank you), all I ask for is credit and a link back to my original.  Keep spreading awareness!

Wild Thymes Contest: Wristband Photos

I AM EXTENDING THE CONTEST…. since I am the only one who submitted photos.  I had a lot of people purchase gluten free wristbands because they were going to take submit a photo, but no one has yet.  I’ll keep this contest open for a while longer, so submit your photos!


Here is one I took a few days ago…




ORIGINAL POST: ——————————————————–

I have partnered up with Wild Thymes Farm to start another fun contest!
Over the past few months, I have sent Gluten Free Awareness Wristbands all over the country and a handful worldwide, to individuals, businesses, and gluten free events! I think it would be a lot of fun to know where all these wristbands have ended up, traveled, and the activities they have performed.


Wild Thymes GF Wristband Photo Contest ’09 from Switch2GlutenFree on Vimeo.

Contest: Take a picture of your wristband in a cool place or performing a fun activity.  I know these wristbands have hit almost all the continents and done some pretty cool things! The contest will run all summer(the week after Labor Day), so you have time to take photos on your vacations or summer activities.

I would really like to see GF wristband photos from outside of the USA.  If you are out of the United States, use coupon code “worldwide” to receive $1 off your order.

Prizes: Three selected winners will receive a sample pack from Wild Thymes!  Each winner will get to choose one dressing, marinade, dipping sauce, and cranberry sauce combination of their choice, to be included in their gift pack, valued over $50! EVERYONE who submits a photo will instantly receive a 25% off coupon code to use on

Early next week, my order will arrive, and I will be able to give you a personal review of the products.  I’m really excited, because the bland salads and vegetables I have been eating for months are getting pretty boring.


Take a photo of a wristband in your home town, when you are on vacation, or if you are doing any other fun activity.  Even take it with your cell phone…. no Photoshop, please!  I’d love to chart all the places we receive photos from.  EMAIL me the photo with the location and description and I will post them below.



I’ll start off the contest with a couple sample photos, as an example: (too bad I am going to Athens, Greece this fall, after the contest is over)

Royals vs. Cardinals in Kansas City, MO.
Royals vs. Cardinals in Kansas City, MO.
Shooting my AR-15 in Rosebud, MO.
Shooting my AR-15 in Rosebud, MO.
Playing golf and smoking a cigar in St. James, MO
Playing golf and smoking a cigar in St. James, MO. You can see my tan line!
Riding a SeaDoo at the Lake of the Ozarks