Article: Is Gluten Making Us Fat?

Here is a good article about gluten that I ran across a few months ago and have been meaning to post…

Is Gluten Making Us Fat?

Aside from the topic of the title, it is good overall article about gluten.  It is worth sharing with some who wants to know about eating gluten free.

What do you think about the article?  Specifically, about weight loss/gain?

I am used to hearing people talk about losing weight when switching to a gluten free diet.  This may be true as people go through the learning cure.  People who switch 2 a gluten free diet typically cut almost everything out of their diet and have trouble finding things to eat.

I believe weight loss or weight gain has nothing to do with eating gluten free, but comes from the overall problem of this country… overeating.

Yes, gluten is found in most carbohydrate-rich foods, but it is not the root cause for gaining weight.

Once I figured out what contained gluten and what did not, I just went back to eating huge portions of gluten free things.  I still craved fat and salt, like most people, and overate in those areas.  I still gained weight.  People will find a way around anything to satisfy a craving or continue doing what is normal to them… overeating.  I could simply substitute corn for flour, and bingo!  Overeating is the root cause.  It is simple calories in vs. calories out, no matter the diet restrictions.

So you may lose weight in the beginning, but once you figure out the diet, you will be back to your old habits.  Losing weight is a lifestyle change: cut portions and increase activity.  Cutting portions as first can be hard, so start with filling yourself with low-carb and natural foods.  Overeat on lettuce and vegetables.  You’ll probably have to eat more often since you are used that full feeling and not having to eat until the next meal or two away.

OK, time to end my rant… I’m getting too much into weight loss and away from gluten… plus, I’m not the model or perfect health, but at least I admit it and think I understand why and how to fix it.

Gary Vaynerchuk Book Signing

I know this isn’t 100% relevant to gluten free, but Gary Vaynerchuck is a lot of the inspiration for my blog.  He is basically the leader in social media consulting and blogging.  He has built businesses based around the online community.

He did had a book signing for his new book Crush It last week in St. Louis.  Afterward, some people went to a wine bar(his specialty is wine) where we got to interact with him a little more closely.  I’d recommend watching some of his keynote speeches.

Here are the videos from his talk at the book signing.  He spoke more than anyone expected.

Does anyone else follow Gary Vaynerchuk and get inspiration from him?

To Cheat or Not to Cheat: Chapter 3

Do you play in traffic, blindfolded?

Have you ever played Russian Roulette?

Do you pray for cancer?

Do you eat gluten? Yes or No?  Simple question.

Terina, the author of Gluten Free Reality, recently wrote an article about cheating on a gluten free diet.  Check it out HERE.(I’ll call that one- Chapter 2)  To say the least… it got me a little fired up at 2:30AM, so I decided to write a Chapter 3.  Her recent article was actually a follow-up on one of her previous articles: HERE.  (Chapter 1)

Here are a few excerpts from Terina’s articles:

  • “I’ve been relistening to the CD’s from the 2009 CF Conference and Dr. Peter Green says that he surveys his patients with celiac disease and that American’s with CD cheat 80% of the time.”
  • “We risk long-term permanent damage if we cheat. In America only 14% of us regain full villi growth as adults. Children do (because adults don’t let them cheat!) That means most of us are risking all of the diseases from malnutrition.
  • “This is why there are no good long term projections for Americans with celiac disease. Why do we feel it our constitutional right to eat whatever we want? Statistics project that most celiac patients are going to die early and do it miserably.
  • “Dr. Peter Green says that when CD patients cheat, incurable diseases ensue. America has tremendously high rates of contributory disease due to malnutrition and our inability to control our GF diets. Diabetes, Cancer, Crohns, Arthritis and Osteoporosis to name a few.”

WristbandsAdThis is serious people! Really!  Why the fcuk would you cheat????

Answer that and I’ll argue with you all day long.  Actually, I should probably just end it by putting you out of your future misery now, as a favor to you and your children.

Someone once asked me: “Would you knowingly eat poison?”  That question seems a little extreme or exaggerated, at first, but it really isn’t!

How do you want to die?

Personally, I’d like to die comfortably at a really old age and not die young and suffer from years of diseases and various complications.  You have a choice to make.

UNFORTUNATELY, we are a select group diagnosed with Celiac disease and daily must make tough, uncomfortable, embarrassing, and inconvenient choices and ALWAYS pick the hardest one!

FORTUNATELY, we were diagnosed with a curable disease.  It is curable by our own choices and not with medical help.  It doesn’t cost you a penny or need some Obama-failure plan to save your life.

80% of you cheat! WTF People!  You have a sick side that likes torture and death!  Just the word “miserably” scares me enough!  I don’t want to pay for your health care, especially if it was your choice to put yourself in that situation.  Don’t get a “contributory disease” and “die early and do it miserably.”

My story:  For a few years after I was diagnosed, I didn’t stick to the diet.  I had NO symptoms whatsoever.  So, I continued to live the college life of beer, pizza, and McDonalds double cheeseburgers.  At the time, I didn’t really realize the future consequences, and I was too cheap and fast-paced to think about alternatives.  Now I know it was stupid, and I have changed.  It hasn’t been a fraction of how hard I thought it was going to be to eat gluten free.  It has been little, or no, inconvenience to friends or family.  Actually, it has made them reconsider their diet and eat healthier.  It isn’t that hard to do.

OK- All right-wing and potty-mouthed joking aside… this is serious business.  This article was intended to be a little(or big) wake-up call.  Help spread gluten free awareness and make the right choice for yourself.  And do one thing for me… when you see someone cheating- slap’em in the face!



PS:  I appreciate all types of comments, questions and conversation(good and bad).  If you are going to repost or write a follow-up on my article(thank you), all I ask for is credit and a link back to my original.  Keep spreading awareness!

Free MGC Giveaway Contest

I can’t “love” many of my favorite foods anymore, but after switching to gluten free, there are two things I do love: Mary’s Gone Crackers and hearing other people’s stories.  For the next month, I am able to combine the two!

The Contest: Answer as many, or as few, of the following questions as you wish.  EMAIL your answers to me.  I will post them as a new article on my blog so that others can enjoy and learn from your story.  After many submissions, a third-party will then select which three responses they enjoy the most and another three as runners-up.

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The Questions: Recently, my sister had to interview someone and write a paper on a food related business.  My answers can be found HERE.  Here are your questions to choose from:

  1. What are your favorite restaurants? Are these different than before you followed the diet?
  2. Are food industry workers knowledgeable about Celiac disease?
  3. Do you trust that the food you receive from restaurants/friends/family members is gluten free?
  4. What were some things you believed about Celiac disease that have proven false?
  5. What precautions do you take when eating at family and friends’ houses?
  6. What is the biggest difficulty with having Celiac Disease?
  7. What are the foods you missed the most?
  8. Does your significant other/friends eat gluten free with you?
  9. If you initially did not follow the gluten free diet.  What made you change your mind?
  10. Has Celiac Disease affected aspects of your life other than your diet and health?
  11. Why did you start your blog?  What are your goals with the blog?*
  12. What are the most common topics on the blog?*

Submitted Answers:

Frequently Asked Gluten Free Questions

On a daily basis, I check to see what search terms people used to end up on my blog.  Some are pretty basic and some get complicated.  I am going to try and cover a bunch of them now…

Chipotle: My “go to” for a quick and tasty meal.  I can always find one nearby when in a hurry.  I get a chicken burrito bowl!  I like it so much, I decided to make my own at home.  It was pretty good.  Every time I go, I watch the cooks to pick up tips and the little ingredients.

Free Wristbands: My wristbands are not free, but I do offer a couple ways to get yours free for helping spread the word about them.  I did give a handful away for free during the gluten free Twitter party #gfree.

Bakeries: There are some great bakeries out there that make gluten free items.  Lots of them are even supplying restaurants so they can offer their version of gluten free plates.  I started a list of gluten free bakeries sorted by state.

Jokes: I would have never guessed that so many people would search for jokes about celiac.  I guess when the symptoms are “dirty,” you could call these dirty jokes!

Margaritas: Yes, margaritas are gluten free!  There are lots of different ways to make them, but I posted my favorite.  I can’t think of anything that is normal in margaritas that could contain gluten.  This is always one of my safe bets.  I used to love a nice cold beer on a hot day(or any occasion) but good margaritas are doing the trick for me now.

Magazine: There are a few magazines about living gluten free: Delight (that I wrote a review of), and Gluten Free Living.

Effects of Gluten/Sleepy/Lethargic:  I didn’t have the typical stomach symptoms, so it was tough for me to make the switch to gluten free and keep on track.  After years of delaying my switch, I noticed I was always tired and could care less about many things.  After switching, I feel great and alert!  When I accidentally get ‘glutened’ I can tell a difference in how I feel that day and the next morning.  I wake up after sleeping 10 hours and think back to something I ate yesterday.

Beer/Light Beer/Redbridge/Bud Light: NO, Bud Light is not gluten free!  YES, Redbridge is gluten free!  There are many alternatives now and many more to come!  ARTICLE

Taquitos: You have to watch out when buying or ordering taquitos,  they can have hidden sources of gluten.  First, you need to make sure they use corn tortillas.  Second, frequently even ground beef can have gluten added to it.  I wrote an article about some taquitos I found that state on the box GLUTEN FREE.

Pizza: Pizza is one of the things I miss the most.  I used to be able to go to the Little Ceasar’s and get a $5 pizza- how convenient, cheap and good.  I can’t do that anymore.  Here are a list of places that serve gluten free pizza.  Through trial and error, I have found some good ones.

#gfree: This was a Twitter tag that is used to categorize Tweets when talking about gluten free.  It was started when we had a gluten free party day.  The #gfree party was a huge sucess, and I hope to see many more in the future.  People continue to use it.

I hope this article has helped give you quick references to the most frequently searched terms on my site about gluten free.  I’m sure I will add more in the future.