Godfathers Pizza Goes Gluten Free

Today I had the opportunity to interview Daniel, the manager of the Overland Park, KS Godfather’s Pizza location, and try one of their gluten free pizzas. The pizza was great, and Daniel was very knowledgeable on gluten free food preparation.  I feel very safe eating at Godfather’s after seeing first-hand the steps they take to ensure there is no gluten or cross-contamination.



When the pizza arrived at my table it was in a to-go box.  This first took me by surprise, but then I realized how serious they were about cross-contamination.  In the photos above, you can see the bright green gluten free sticker holding the box closed.  This unbroken sticker lets Godfather’s and the customer know that no one has tampered with the pizza since it has left the kitchen.  I really like this finishing touch they put on their delivery and presentation.


The gluten free pizzas are baked on premade 10″ crusts.  I ordered the all-meat combo, my favorite!  From first sight, all the way through finishing every crumb, it was just as I remembered “real” pizza.  Unlike some other gluten free pizzas I have tried in the past, the crust was thin and slightly crispy; the way it should be!  I did not notice an unpizza-like taste from the crust, but my girlfriend said, side by side, she could tell a slight difference… but not a bad one.  All the meat, cheese, and sauce were great, as expected!


We GFers are used to paying a premium for anything gluten free.  This is why, in the beginning, I shy-ed away from buying gluten free foods and stuck with only natural foods.  Godfather’s has their gluten free pizza priced EXACTLY the same as the “normal people” pizzas!  I was in shock over this and applaud them for it.  In the photos above, you see the same prices for their gluten free small pizzas as the regular small pizzas.


After I finished eating, Daniel took me to see the kitchen and the extra steps they take when making gluten free pizzas.  The first thing I noticed was lots of bright green, laminated pieces of paper on the walls.  Each one gives special instructions on how to prepare a gluten free pizza during each step of the process.  The photo on the left is of the dedicated gluten free counter space.  Inside the bag are individually wrapped tools used for preparing the pizzas.  When not in use, the tools stay sealed inside the bags to prevent cross contamination through the air.  Most places do not think of, or even attempt to stop cross-contamination in the air.  You will also notice the box of gloves that the employees switch to when handling gluten free pizzas.  The middle picture is of the ingredient table with the gluten free instructions above.  The photo on the right is of Daniel standing next to the dedicated gluten free freezer where all the individually packaged crusts are stored.  I am shocked by the double precautions that are in place.


I had a great experience during and after(you know what I mean) my lunch at Godfather’s pizza!  The pizza was great, the prices were not above normal, and the service was excellent!  I will be returning frequently and bringing friends.  For the non-gluten free people, they have a great lunch buffet for only $6 that I am very jealous of.  Thanks again to the manager, Daniel, and to Field Project Developer, Victoria, for giving me a tour and answering all my questions.

Here is a list, as of July 2009, of the Godfather’s locations that serve gluten free pizza:


20 thoughts on “Godfathers Pizza Goes Gluten Free”

  1. Carrie: Sorry I forgot to include that in the post. The crusts are made of rice flour and individually packed offsite.

  2. Everytime I look at that picture of the pizza, it makes my mouth water and my stomach growl. I ate Godfather’s Pizza as a kid, and that picture brings it all back. I had heard that they created a gluten-free pizza, but I haven’t been back to the Midwest to try it. Maybe this summer while we’re traveling about…Can’t wait. Thanks for the review and interview — especially on the steps they take to prevent cross-contamination.

  3. Kayla: I’ll check on that for you. Although, I’d be very surprised if they do. They didn’t mention anything about it.

  4. What a disappointment! The Godfather’s on Wabash in Springfield, IL buys packaged frozen gluten free pizzas and bakes them. They do not create the pizza on-site. My pizza did not look anything like your pictures. I was served my pizza long before my family got their “regular” pizza. I will not be returning.

  5. Hello….
    I am in the UK…and have just about licked the screen re the Gluten free pizzas..

    Now I know that the Godfather organisation has links to the UK…any chance of a contact, please..

    PS Dont publish any of this…

  6. Thank you so much for the info our family has been gf for 7 weeks now and unlike you im finding it a great challeng for me and my children who also have celiac our fav. food is pizza so knowing about god faters in kansas has made us verrrrrrrry happy! we will be trying it soon!

  7. I would certainly like to see Godfather’s move into other areas of the country with the gluten free pizzas. When I was a student in college Godfather’s was a staple of my diet. Now, my daughter is in college, same town, can’t even think of going out with her friends for pizza.

    Maybe you could move into the college town locations first….see how that goes over??

    (and, yes, she is in the same town with the same Godfathers as I went to)

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