Why I’m Boycotting Starbucks!

1. I don’t like coffee!  I don’t like the smell, the taste, or the prices… I’d rather buy a top-shelf gin & tonic for those prices!

2. They took away free wifi!  …at least I think they did.  I haven’t tried recently.

3. They got rid of their gluten free Valencia Orange Cake!!! WTF!

Triumph dining has put together a petition they are going to send to Startbucks to let them know how upset we are.  It’s like a slap in the face to the gluten free community.

“Dear Starbucks,

I am writing to request that you bring back the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake.  It’s so hard to find good, safe gluten-free options. Having a gluten-free treat at Starbucks was an enormous win for me personally, and the community at large. Starbucks is known for its community involvement, and having the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake really hammered that home for the gluten-free community.  It’s sad to see the cake disappear such a short time later, without any real explanation.

We thank you for your kind consideration.”

Please CLICK HERE to sign the petition!


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