On the Right Track!

On my third day of officially being gluten-free!  Doing well… a little hungry, but can usually satisfy that with some corn chips and water.  Yesterday, I had an all day class and was told to bring a lunch.  I ended up just snacking on some sunflower seeds, a banana, and drinking a Monster.  Leftover GF dips from a family get-together were my dinner!  

Just One More Day

So far, NOT so good.  I wasn’t prepared for the diet to start and hadn’t done my grocery shopping by late this afternoon.  Therefore, “Its OK…one day won’t hurt…I need a final gluten meal…diet starts tomorrow.”  I’m ashamed to say, we went to a pizza buffet for dinner…  I blame it all on my poor support staff (the girlfriend).  All her fault!  …Spoken like a true overweight diet-aholic.  

Why Did I Do That?

Last night, I went to a New Years Eve party and felt like crap.  I knew I was starting this new diet and ate everything I could.  It was one of those after thoughts, just like drinking, where you ask yourself, “why did I do that, knowing how it would make me feel later?”

I frequently put myself in that situation, like most overeaters and drinkers.  Frequently, I will go to a pizza or Chinese buffet, eat a good amount, then feel like crap later, not so much with Celiac symptoms, but just overall.  Don’t you wish there was someone at the cash register warning you about how you will feel afterwards?  

Time for a Change

Why make the change?  Over the past few months, I have not felt very well.  Even though I do not have the typical symptoms of Celiac, I think I am being affected in other ways.  I sleep way too much for no reason and am generally lethargic about everything.  I suspect gluten is the culprit.  It is time to make a change!  

My History

Celiac runs strong in my family, starting with my grandmother and down to her grandchildren (my generation).  Nine people on my dad’s side of the family have celiac.  

I always was very active in sports and generally pretty healthy.  My favorite foods are pizza, Chinese food, cheeseburgers, and macaroni and cheese… I showed no signs of an intolerance to gluten.  My sister was diagnosed with Celiac after she went through a long period of pain and feeling poor.  My mom insisted that I have a blood test, and I failed miserably.  I was officially diagnosed with celiac via an endoscope when I was 22 years old and in college.  My eating and beer drinking habits at that time were gluten ONLY. 

Fast-forward a year or two, I’m 24 now… I’ve put on some pounds due to my favorite foods, am not aerobically in shape, and overall not feeling very well on a daily basis.  I still do not have the typical stomach symptoms that are shared by most people with Celiac.  

My First Post!

Here is my first(boring) attempt at a video blog.  I figured, I’d do it so people would have an idea who I am.  I try to explain my history and goals… in a boring, monotone, just woke up sort of way….


I decided to start this blog to help others learn from my personal struggle with Celiac.  I am a pizza and beer type of guy, so this transformation is going to be tough.  Recently, the celiac symptoms have started catching up to me (not the bathroom type of symptoms, thankfully!).  

I encourage you to not only read my blog, but also participate!  Please help me learn and offer suggestions; I will frequently ask questions or want feedback…and probably a shoulder to cry on.  I would love to have guest writers who offer their experiences or recipes. 

I hope we all can learn from this experience!