Costco Connection Gluten Free Article

In the Costco Connection Magazine from June 2010, you will find an article about celiac disease titled “A Pain in the Gut”.

Click on the article image to read the article on Costco Connection’s website:

To me this is just another sign that the disease is become so prevalent, that even Costco is talking about it.  Costco has even become pretty good about carrying some gluten free products.

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Gluten Free New Years Resolutions

OK, Who has one?

Anyone switching to the gluten free lifestyle?

Anyone committing 100%?

Anyone vowing not to ever cheat again?



January 1st, 2010, will be my 1 year 100% committment to being gluten free!

Now that I think I have mastered the gluten free diet, I plan to set some new health goals including the GF diet.

My 2010 resolution will be to lose weight on a gluten free diet.  I have a relaxing trip planned to Costa Rica at the end of March, so that is my main motivation for losing weight.  I have set the goal of losing 30lbs in the 12 weeks prior to our departure.  My diet will start on Jan. 1st.  I will keep everyone updated at least once a week with a video and summary of what I am eating and how I am feeling.  I have a few days left to put my diet on paper and decide what supplements I will use to aid the weight loss and replace meals.

Once I have lost the weight, I plan to get back into the gym and start lifting seriously again.

What are your gluten free plans for 2010?