Week 8 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

  • I’m happy that I broke the 200lb. mark (220 down to 199.5)
  • I’m perfectly on schedule 2/3 weeks done (8 of 12 weeks) & 2/3 weight lost (20 of 30lbs)
  • I’m unhappy that I have not lost more. I wanted to be well under 200lbs at this point.
  • Every pound is getting harder and harder.
  • I’m frustrated that 2 days after weighing in, my weight can be up 3 or 4 pounds.
  • I’m mad that I have to work the majority of the week to get back to where I was, and then bust ass to lose a little more.
  • No more cheat days!
  • No more days off from cardio!
  • I’m going to sample some of Syntrax’s Thermogenic (fat burner) starting this week.

Diet Dedication, Weight Fluctuation

My weight fluctuates so much every day! Seriously, I can change 5 pounds, up or down, every day. It really drives me nuts during my diet! I know I’m not supposed weigh myself every day, but I do it anyway before getting in the shower. A lot of things play into this: salt/water intake, cheat meals, and ya know… going #2.

2 Quick Points:

Start you diet after your temptation days! I started my diet on a Friday(just because Jan 1st fell on a Monday). Never again! After I weigh in on a Friday morning and see that I have lost weight, I subconsciously think that I can cheat over the weekend, since I have seven more days to make up for it. For example, I weighed in last Friday at 201. On Tuesday, I was 206! Now, the whole week, comprar viagra generico, I am fighting just to get back to 201 and then praying that I am slightly lower by Friday morning. I hate this and am sick and tired of it. No more! I am now treating every day like I day I have to weigh in.

Treat every day as if you are getting on the scale that next morning!  No cheat meals, no big portions, no more “it will be OK by Friday.”  I realize weight will fluctuate a little every day, but I’m not allowing it to do so more than a pound or two.  Cardio every day!  I used to take the weekend off of cardio and pack it into the end of the week.  Real weight loss doesn’t work like that!  Every day!  Every day!  Every day!


Gluten Free Weight Loss: Week 2

Week 2 turned out better than I expected. After losing 7lbs. the first week, I expected to only lose a couple pounds this week. Instead, I was shocked when I saw the scale at 208- a 5lb. loss. The week started out with having a bunch of friends in town and going out to eat a few times.

This week was better than the last in terms of routine, since I was more accustomed to the diet and getting an exercise routine established. I still didn’t make it out to run as often as I should have, but I am making progress.
I still stuck to my basic foods of chicken, tuna, eggs, rice, and vegetables.

During the first week, I had a hard time getting to 2300 calories, and I was basically eating 1900-2000 calories per day. Therefore, this week, my goal was to eat 2000 calories over 5 meals.

Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet: Week 1

As you know, I started a gluten free weight loss diet on January 1st, 2010.  My plan for the first three weeks is to eat 2300 calories per day- 259g protein, 201 carbs, and 51g fat.  I am spreading this out over six meals per day.  3 or 4 real food meals and 2 or 3 protein shakes.  I am also taking a multivitamin and fish oil pills because my meals are really lean.  It is still important to get your good fats.

I lost 7lbs. during the first week, 220 to 213.  I attribute part of the 7lbs. to eating a few “final meals” just before Jan. 1st, and maybe a little water weight.  As I get more into my cardio routine, I expect a little more water weight to fall off.  I need to average 2.5lbs. over the 12 weeks to reach my goal of 190.

I can’t say I was 100% ready on Jan. 1st to start.  This was a big mistake, and I wasted a couple days.  My Weight Loss Tip #1 covers how important preparation is and how I failed to be prepared.

It was really hard to eat six meals in one day.  This week, I only made it to four or five meals per day.  Most of your day is dedicated to cooking and eating.  Going forward, I am going to precook and package my meals so I can quickly eat them or take them with me out of the house.

I didn’t get all the cardio in that I was supposed to.  I was still adapting to eating and cooking, while still trying to live a productive life.

I ate a lot of egg whites(a couple yokes per day), brown rice, chicken, tuna, edamame beans, onions, green peppers, and protein shakes.  I have a bunch of protein powder left over from my college weight lifting days that is decent.  I have some Nectar protein powder on the way from Syntrax.  The claim to be the best tasting on the market, but I will be the judge of that.  They gave me a special 40% off coupon code for my readers: MH3090, since they are trying to get into the gluten free market.

Overall, I am happy that I was still able to lose 7lbs, but I don’t expect gains like that in the coming weeks.  I see each week getting harder and harder and requiring more effort in exercise and a closer watch on my nutrition.  Now, that I am accustomed to the new diet, the lifestyle should get easier.

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Weight Loss Tip #1


I can’t stress this enough.  It was my biggest mistake so far.

These are all things you MUST do before your diet starts.

  1. Have your mind right.  FOCUSED
  2. Set goals.
  3. Surround yourself with motivators.
  4. Plan your diet with an expert.
  5. Buy your foods.
  6. Know the nutritional values of each.
  7. Set up a tracking plan in Excel or with an online service.
  8. Get your sleep pattern established if you are getting up earlier.
  9. Precook & package your foods.
  10. Buy your supplements.

I failed on the majority of these items and it set me back a day or two.  It takes a couple days to figure out a plan, and if you are already a busy person, this can be very stressful.

Be prepared!

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Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet: Day 1

I am going on a weight loss diet, gluten free style!  My motivation is a trip to Costa Rica at the end of March.  I am currently 220lbs and my goal is 190lbs.  Many of you have already said this is unhealthy, but with my education and diet consultants, we feel the goal should be obtainable in a health manner.  Basically, I have to lose 2.5lbs per week.

As with my blog in general, I want to stress that this doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.  I want to show you that this all can be done at home, with simple foods, and without an expensive gym membership or personal trainer.

My diet plan is structured over 12 weeks.


Even when trying to lose weight and be healthy, you still needs carbohydrates and fat.  A no-carb diet only screws with your body and allows you to lose weight in the short term, but you will have a hard time keeping it off.  Your body and brain also needs good fats to function.  All of my meals will attempt to consist of 45% protein, 35% carbs, and 20% fat, throughout the entire diet.

The main thing when losing weight, is make sure you are eating enough.  Yes, you need to eat, what seems to be, A LOT!  SIX MEALS PER DAY!  If you starve your body, it will shut down, and be overloaded when you do eat.  This is why you have to keep your metabolism up and space out your calories throughout the day.  Even if you have to get up early to eat something then go back to bed, you must do it.

Weeks 1-3:  2300 calories per day.  383 calories per meal.  43g protein, 40g carbs & 9g fat.  I am not eating any carbs in my last meal.

Weeks 4-12:  We will adjust my caloric intake depending on how the diet is going- probably 200 less calories per segment.



Eggs, nuts, chicken, tuna, rice, nuts, skim milk, potatoes, and lots of water.  I’ll probably get sick of these and start adding in more.  I will also have a protein shake in place of two meals.

Currently, I am tracking my foods in an excel spreadsheet. I am looking for a software program that will let me save foods and easily count my totals for me.



I have some leftover protein powder from when I used to lift during college.  It is OK, but I am looking for something new.  I am looking into Syntrax. When I placed my order, I spoke with them about offering my readers a discount on their products.  If you are going to order from them, use coupon code: MH3090 to receive 40% off!  I’m excited about that 40% off.  They claim to be the best tasting stuff on the market, so I will let you know.

I will have Omega 3 fish oil pills handy.  These will help get my fat requirement each day, since most of the foods are really lean.

I’m not a big believer in fat burners, but this diet is sort of an experiment, so I may throw one in at the end.  We will have to see if I am struggling.



6 or 7 days per week, I plan is to do a light weight routine at home for 30-45min, then do a 45-1hr run/walk.  It is all about keeping your heart rate up.



My weight usually fluctuates 5lbs pretty easily.  I’m guessing I’ll lose 5lbs in each of the first two or three weeks, but then really struggle from there.  The last 10lbs. will be ten times as hard as the first 20.  12 weeks is a short period of time, so I have to stick with this 24/7.  6 meals per day will be tough and take some time to get used to.  A lot of time will be dedicated to cooking, although I plan to prepackage a lot of my meals at once.


What to look for:

I will try and do a weekly video, usually shot on a Friday with an update on my weight, foods, and how I am feeling.

I will also do a diet tip once a week.  The topics will come from my struggles or anything I find helpful.

I have some before photos, but I think I will save those embarrassing photos until the end….


Please let me know if you have any suggestions, questions or comments!  Wish me luck!