Week 9 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

199.5 down to 197.5… 3 weeks to go.

Well… Not a lot to say this week.  The video pretty much sums it up:
Do normal things and you get normal results.  Time to stop being normal!

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Week 7 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

Thankfully, I lost some weight this week!  2lbs!  I’m very happy with this!  Coming off a week where I didn’t lose anything, I stepped up my diet a little and kept a better eye on it. 203 to 201- Started at 220.

I was really worried about this week, since I went back home to my parents house Friday to Monday.  I saw a lot of old friends, and most of those meetings revolved around food and alcohol.  I didn’t drink much at all, but I can’t say the same about eat.  It seems we always go to my favorite places when back home.  The type of food and especially potions are not diet food material.

I’m happy with losing 2lbs per week at this stage in the diet.  Next week I HAVE to lose at least 2 more, which puts me under 200lbs!!!  I haven’t been under 200lbs since I started college.

Week 6 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

I’m disappointed in myself.  I didn’t lose any weight this week- stuck at 203.  My goal was to hit 200lbs this week.

I think I have lost some dedication to the diet.  I’m a firm believer that eating healthy and exercising should be a lifestyle change and not just a “diet” determined by a time period.  Recently, I have stopped counting every calorie and eating my meals at a certain time.  Maybe I was premature to think I could handle my new lifestyle without writing everything down and counting every calorie.

I wouldn’t say I have lost motivation, but I have gotten off track a little.

I also believe that around 200lbs is the end of my “easy” weight loss.  Each pound from here forward will be harder, but it will be real weight.  No more easy water weight losses, only real weight.

I may have to go back to my old routine of counting calories and every nutritional fact.  Once I make it to my goal, then I can try going back to a “lifestyle” instead of a tracked “diet.”

Glutino Gluten Free Cookies

The near empty packages of Glutino cookies in my video really says it all… they are really good!  All three kinds were excellent.

I had mixed expectations for these cookies.  I have low expectations for anything baked and gluten free.  Although, those expectations are rising recently.  I had higher than usual expectations from Glutino, because they make amazing gluten free pretzels.

They aren’t dry and flavorless like a lot of gluten free products.  Each flavor is full of good taste and melts in your mouth.  The chocolate chip flavor have that dry feeling at first, but give it a second, and it quickly melts.  The Chocolate Vanilla Creme, very similar to Oreo cookies, was actually much better than what I remember of Oreos.  The Vanilla Creme I expected to be my least favorite.  I usually don’t like vanilla products, but these turned out to be my favorite!  Very sweet.

I plan to buy some of these cookies and Glutino pretzels when I am off my diet.  I stashed away a few of each flavor in a Zip-Lock bag for me to enjoy on my way to Costa Rica after my diet it over!

GF Weight Loss Diet: Week 4

After not losing any weight last week, I was really praying to at least see a few pounds gone this week.  I lost 3 pounds: 208 to 205.

This was a good week, so I don’t have much to say.  I stuck to the diet, no big cheat meals, and got some cardio in.

My Nectar protein packets have really become a staple on my diet.  One is always my last meal of the day around 10PM.  I shouldn’t have any carbs this late at night, so getting 23g of protein, 0g carbs, 0g fats, and 0g sugar is perfect!

My goal for the next two weeks is to lose 5 pounds, so I will be at 200 starting the second half of my diet.  I don’t see any big obstacles in my way this week, or next, so I will be upset if I don’t get there.

Interview: My Gluten Free Bakery

Last week I was traveling to mid-Missouri and decided to swing down to Jefferson City to see My Gluten Free Bakery. While there, I sat down for an interview with the owner, LaVerne Frederick.  I always love hearing stories about how someone became gluten free and how they turned it into a business.

LaVerne talks about how she determined she had to be gluten free, how she planned and opened the business, what products she offers, and what she has planned for the upcoming months.  It was very informative and interesting.

She offers more products than any other gluten free bakery I have ever heard of.  She will also modify her products to meet many different dietary needs.  Please view all of her products on her website.



Afterward, I got to sample some of her fresh products.  Her bread, chocolate cupcake, and cinnamon roll were outstanding!  I had to buy some things to take home with me.  I’ve been enjoying them all week.


Here is one excerpt of the interview where she nearly gives away all of her secrets for gluten free Twinkies and Red Lobster’s Cheddar Biscuits.



My Gluten Free Bakery

312 W. Dunklin Street

Jefferson City, MO  65101

(573) 634- 3733


Gluten Free Twinkies and Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

Check out the Facebook fan page for Switch2GlutenFree, become a fan, and watch the video. The segment is from my interview with LaVerne at My Gluten Free Bakery in Jefferson City, MO. She nearly divulges the entire “secret” recipe for both gluten free Twinkies and Red Lobster’s Cheddar Biscuits. I used to LOVE those cheddar biscuits!

For those of you who are not yet on Facebook, here is the video on YouTube. Please subscribe and become a friend!

Thank you!

Free Cheesecake Contest

How would you like a FREE gluten free cheesecake delivered to your door?  I have an easy way for that to happen!

The contest will run from February 1st to February 29th, 2010.  The winner will be announced on March 1st.


If the word FREE didn’t get you excited enough, I’ll tell you a little about Earth Cafe’s cheesecakes:

You can also read my full review HERE from my order at Christmas.

  • Wheat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No refined sugars
  • No harmful oils or fat
  • Organic ingredients
  • Hand made
  • No cholesterol

If you are a cheesecake lover and want to go ahead and order a cheesecake, Earth Cafe has offered my readers a coupon code for 20% off:  S2GF



This is so easy.  There are 4 independent ways to enter.  Even better- each way to enter is assigned a point value.  Each point is equal to one entry!  You can have up to 10 points/entries!

  1. Comment– 1 point:  Check out Earth Cafe’s website, then comment in this article below with your first name, city/state, how long you have been gluten free, and which flavor of cheesecake you would like to try.  Make sure to put your email in, acheter cialis, so I can be sure you don’t entered twice 🙂
  2. Tweet– 1 point:  Tweet this exact phrase:  @switch2GF I want a free #glutenfree cheesecake from @EarthCafe http://ow.ly/12sL9  You are allowed to tweet this once per week! (4 possible points!)
  3. Email– 2 points:  Email me, and I will email you back an email to forward to 3 of your gluten free friends.  You MUST copy mike@switch2glutenfree.com on that email so I can enter you into the contest.
  4. Blog/Website– 3 points:  Write a blog article linking to this contest or the original review of Earth Cafe Cheesecake, or just include a link to this contest or the review article on your website.  Make sure to email me to show your work!

So there you go!  Simple & Easy, just like you wanted!

I will track the entries in a spreadsheet.  Each entry will be assigned a different line and entry number.  On March 1st, I will use a random number generator to choose the winner.  The 2 runners-up will have their choice between a Gluten Free Awareness Wristband or a Gluten Free Bumper Sticker.

Email me if you have any questions.

Here are some photos to get you excited!





Thank you to all who participated…

The Winner Is….