Kansas City Marriage Proposal

Sorry this doesn’t really relate to gluten free, but we did go to PF Chang’s afterward where they have a gluten free menu!  I did put it on Twitter(@switch2gf) hours before it was going to happen, because she isn’t on Twitter.

I really just need a place for my family, friends, and everyone else to see this video, and this is the easiest place!

“Mike & Stephanie got engaged on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. First, they went to happy hour with her sister, Jessica, and her boyfriend, Matt. Earlier in the week, Mike invited 25 of their friends and family as a surprise for Stephanie. Everyone waited for them in the five degree weather at the Pomona Fountain outside the Eddie Bauer store. When Mike & Stephanie arrived at the fountain, Stephanie was too distracted by the cold weather and news camera to notice all the people. Eventually, she saw her mom and everyone else and immediately bust into tears. Afterward, everyone went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. Thank you to everyone for being part of this surprise and bearing the cold weather to be with us! Also, a big thank you to Susan who added to the surprise, even for Mike, by inviting the news station. -Mike & Stephanie”

Earth Cafe Gluten Free Cheesecakes

As you know, I have many gluten free people in my family that have celiac- at least 9 diagnosed, and many more in D’Nile, in Egypt(right, uncle Dave?).  Usually the gluten free people are left out when it comes to desserts… but not this year!

This Christmas, Earth Cafe sent me two great gluten free cheesecakes!  The package came to my parents house, where we were having Christmas Eve, and my mom couldn’t even wait for me to open them.  She told me they were packaged really well and with dry ice.

Read this list, and you wouldn’t believe that they still can taste good:

  • Wheat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No refined sugars
  • No harmful oils or fat
  • Organic ingredients
  • Hand made
  • No cholesterol

So what does this leave you with?  I’d would guess an empty cardboard box that tastes like crap! Usually a list like that would scare me away, and it made some people in my family reluctant to try it at first.

Inside the box is the “Best Dessert” at the World Vegan Day and featured in this month’s issue of VegNews Magazine!  No joke!

10 Flavors: Who’s Your Daddy (carob mousse), Rockin’ Raspberry, Cali Style (lemon),  Strawberry Fields, Coconut/Carob Dream, Blueberry Thrill, Banana Cream, Pumpkin Life Spice (during the Holiday Season), Peach Passion and Cherry Dream.

GlutenFreeCheesecake 2

I love banana, so I chose the Banana Cream, and figured I couldn’t go wrong with the Cherry Dream.

I got mostly great reviews from my family.  They are flavor packed!  You can tell there is no junk or filler ingredients in this.  They are a little thinner than the usual cheesecake, but all the flavors and density makes up for it.  One person complained, it was too “bananaee,” but my dad and I love banana, and think it is perfect.  I was also very impressed with the Cheery.  Even with as much as I love banana, there was something about the Cherry that I really liked, maybe even more than the banana.

GlutenFreeCheesecake 1

I have to admit:  I’m 25, only been on my own a few years, desserts aren’t too essential to me(usually I just eat more meat), so I’ve never purchased a cheesecake before.  I was shocked when I first saw the price of $34.99 before receiving the cheesecakes.  That night, I asked how much the “normal people” cheesecake costs which was sitting next to it, and it was $31.  So, I will absolutely spend a couple extra dollars to have something that is gluten free, organic, hand made, no cholesterol, and so on…  I think every celiac, vegan, and health nut would agree!

I’ve always been a big meat eater.  Nothing is better than a big medium-rare steak!  I was reading through their website about eating organic and vegan, and had to smack myself back to my gun-toting and meat-eating instincts.  That vegan and organic lifestyle, paired with gluten free, is pretty compelling.  Read the “Know Life” & “Live Life” sections of the website where Candida tells her story and talks about eating raw foods.

Earth Cafe Cheesecakes are sold in 14 states.  You can use their STORE LOCATOR to find them near you.  If they aren’t sold in a store near you, like in my situation, you can ORDER ONLINE and have them shipped quickly to your door.

An organic, gluten free cheesecake would be the highlight of any get-together or make for a great gift, especially on a birthday!  They even offer gift certificates.

Remember use Coupon Code: SAVE20 to save 20% on your order!  Thanks Candida, Josh & Craig at Earth Cafe!

Gluten Free Raviolis Recipe

Here is the Gluten Free Raviolis recipe you’ve all be asking about!  This is my great grandmother’s recipe, so I am divulging family secrets with my well-being at risk.  I don’t know if it is anything special, but if both of my knees are broken by the St. Louis Italian Mafia, we will know.

A month before Christmas, some of the family gets together and makes the raviolis then freezes them.  The tradition is to cook and serve them on Christmas Eve when the family gets together.

May our grandmother and great grandmother forgive you for sharing this outside the family.

Grandma Dallavalle’s Ravioli Recipe

1 lb. ground beef
1 lb. ground pork or pork sausage
1 lb. cooked chopped spinach
1 ½ cups grated Parmesan cheese
1 small onion
small amount of parsley
2 small pieces of garlic
1 piece of celery
*Chop these altogether real fine.
10 eggs
1 tsp. salt
½ tsp pepper
Bread crumbs  (Ground Corn Flakes)

Thoroughly mix altogether.  Add enough bread crumbs so that the filling stays together,
not too dry.

About 2 to 2 ½  lbs. flour  (Gluten Free Flour)
1 egg
Enough water to mix the dough

Knead the dough until very smooth.  If too wet, add more flour.
When dough is smooth, cut small pieces at a time.  Roll out until thin.  Keep dough board well floured so it won’t stick to board or rolling pin.
Fill each with about 1 teaspoon full of filling.

Obviously, to make this gluten free, you will use gluten free flour.  They have tried different brands of gluten free flour in the past with mixed results.  This year they used flour from our local bakery and it worked great!  Andrea’s Fine Foods- Gluten Free.

Instead of bread crumbs, we use ground Corn Flakes.

We freeze them in plastic bins with wax paper between each layer of raviolis.  Boil them as you would any other raviolis.

Sauce: We use Prego.  You can use whatever you like.

I hope this helps and makes you hungry.  If you have any questions, I can always ask the experts in my family.