Petition Girl Scouts to Sell Gluten Free Cookies

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I think this is a great idea… not sure if it will happen for at least a few years, but at least let’s get some attention to this story!

Yes, it would be awesome to have gluten free Girl Scout cookies!

Does this make sense for the Girl Scouts to invest in this endeavor?  How many people would actually buy them?  I would!  I would probably buy a lot, because we don’t have many other gluten free cookie options.  I don’t know the current stats, but what is it, 1 in 133 people have Celiac?  BUT only 3-5% of them actually know they have it.  So, the market for gluten free cookies is pretty slim.  Would Girl Scouts pass this cost onto the consumer?  It would lower the amount that I buy… but I’d still buy some!

Please Sign the Petition!  HERE

What do you think of the Girl Scouts selling gluten free cookies?

Glutino Gluten Free Cookies

The near empty packages of Glutino cookies in my video really says it all… they are really good!  All three kinds were excellent.

I had mixed expectations for these cookies.  I have low expectations for anything baked and gluten free.  Although, those expectations are rising recently.  I had higher than usual expectations from Glutino, because they make amazing gluten free pretzels.

They aren’t dry and flavorless like a lot of gluten free products.  Each flavor is full of good taste and melts in your mouth.  The chocolate chip flavor have that dry feeling at first, but give it a second, and it quickly melts.  The Chocolate Vanilla Creme, very similar to Oreo cookies, was actually much better than what I remember of Oreos.  The Vanilla Creme I expected to be my least favorite.  I usually don’t like vanilla products, but these turned out to be my favorite!  Very sweet.

I plan to buy some of these cookies and Glutino pretzels when I am off my diet.  I stashed away a few of each flavor in a Zip-Lock bag for me to enjoy on my way to Costa Rica after my diet it over!

Free Betty Crocker Gluen Free Coupons

As you have probably heard by now, Betty Crocker released gluten free dessert mixes! You can now make your own brownies, cookies, and cakes with mixes from a very respected company.
I have a few of these boxes in my kitchen that I have yet to bake. I’m not much of a baker or dessert eater, so I have yet to attempt these. I’ll post a review once I try them… the chocolate chip cookies are now looking pretty tempting.
Anyone can call General Mills Consumer Services at 1-800-446-1898, then select option #4. Tell them you are interested in trying their new gluten free mixes, answer a few questions about how you eat gluten free, and they will send you the coupons.

Easy as pie… or should I say- Easy as Gluten Free Cake!

Janelle’s Story: Carries Own Soy Sauce

Here is Janelle’s personal story and answers to my list of gluten free questions for the Mary’s Gone Crackers contest.

What are your favorite restaurants? Are these different than before you followed the diet?

I never ate out much, I have always cooked.  I have had to adjust almost every recipe I use and it was very overwhelming at first.  I have finally gotten to the point that I feel like I can make all the things I used to make for my family but in a safe, gluten free way.  We eat at Chipotle when we go out ten times for every once we go to another restaurant.  They have safe food and have always been very accomodating with us.

Are food industry workers knowledgeable about Celiac disease?

We have had very good luck with this, seems every time we try a new place our server will either know a celiac or at least be familiar with gluten. Of course we have had the servers who say they understand and then bring the meal with a large slice of french bread on top or gravy over everything.  Generally speaking things seem to be improving in this area.
Do you trust that the food you receive from restaurants/friends/family members is gluten free?

I trust the food I get from friends the most.  They all seem to understand and really try hard, sometimes TOO hard, to help us out.   I am suspect in restaurants when I don’t know what is going on in the kitchen unless our server is knowledgeable.  When they come back and comment on something gluten related like having left off the croutons or whatever I am happy.  It lets me know they really do get it.  Family, sadly, I don’t trust at all.  I have watched them sabotage us.  I think they are offended we don’t eat their cookies or pies.  I have even had them lie to me that something didn’t have gluten when I clearly watched them add a gluten filled ingredient!  I think it is denial, they may have the problem, too, but don’t want to know.  They would rather be sick than have to take the trouble to be gluten free.
What were some things you believed about Celiac disease that have proven false?

I was depressed for at least 3 months thinking we would  have to give up so many of our favorites.  I have found that replacements are either available, or can be prepared, for almost every item.  OK, I still haven’t found good beer!  But otherwise I think the food we eat now is actually better than what we ate Pre-Celiac.
What precautions do you take when eating at family and friends’ houses?

We make sure they are aware of the situation so they understand why we don’t eat everything.  Where it is possible, like at a children’s party, I try to find out the menu ahead of time and replace the items they will serve that we can’t eat.  I keep cupcakes in the freezer for the kids to take to birthday parties, I also keep slices of baked pizza frozen so they can be microwaved.  Seems like every kids party has pizza!  Otherwise we just eat what we know is GF, enjoy the company of our friends, and if we leave hungry we eat again later!
What is the biggest difficulty with having Celiac Disease?

Travel.  We are pretty good at it now, but handling all of the meals when you may not even have access to a grocery store isn’t easy.  We have learned what types of foods are safe at what types of restaurants.  Sushi is always a good choice… we carry our own soy sauce.  Planning is the key.  We always make sure we have food with us unless we are sure we will be in an area that will have GF foods available.
What are the foods you missed the most?

Cookies.  It took me a while to get good at making them.  And pizza, of course.  Now that there are frozen crusts that are pretty good that is not such a problem even when we don’t have time to make one ourselves.  Beer is still a problem.  GF beer is just too sweet!
Does your significant other/friends eat gluten free with you?

I am actually the non-Celiac in my family.  I gave up gluten when everyone else had to.  It is easier to maintain a gluten free home than to worry if there is cross-contamination.  I don’t cheat, either!  Even when I go out alone or with friends I eat gluten-free.  I won’t make my family do something that I won’t do myself.
If you initially did not follow the gluten free diet.  What made you change your mind? n/a
Has Celiac Disease affected aspects of your life other than your diet and health?

It has changed the way I live in many ways.  I spent about the first three months on the computer trying to get the information I needed to get everyone healthy and follow the GF lifestyle.  And I find I am still on the computer at least a couple hours a day now.  Part of it is still research, some for recipes, but now part of it is sharing my information with others via blog responses and my own new recipe blog.  I have made friends through the GF community and I share online with them as well.  I am more outgoing with people.  I have had to be to make sure they understood what we were dealing with (like in restaurants.)

Why did you start your blog?  What are your goals with the blog?*

I started my blog  “Living(Gluten)” to share my recipes with friends.  I got lots and lots of requests and rather than continue to send them via email or snail-mail, I decided I would add them to the blog.  I will continue to add recipes as I have time and I hope to put it all on a disk one day for my daughters to use when they are cooking for themselves.  All three of them have Celiac disease.
What are the most common topics on the blog?*

My blog is all recipes.  I occasionally add a short story if it is related to the recipe.  This is for my girls, sort of like scrapbooking!  I want to spend more time on it, make it a lot better, but right now time is limited so I just do what I can.

REVIEW: Waldo Pizza: Kansas City, MO

Let me start by saying… AMAZING!  By far, surpassed my expectations, of ALL pizza.

Nine out of ten stars, on the: “Mike’s Official Gluten Free Pizza Review Scale!”  I gave it a 9, instead of a 10, because I have to leave room for the chance that someone could top this experience, but it would be tough.

Waldo Pizza is nearly a Kansas City landmark.  They have been open for 20 years.  Their original location is at 75th Street and Wornall Road in Kansas City, MO.  This area is known as “Waldo.”  They also have a location about 20min. East in Lee’s Summit.

My First Visit:  I couldn’t decide on toppings, so I went with the traditional pepperoni 12″ gluten free pizza.  The waitress assured me, they take all the special precautions to ensure no cross-contamination.  They have GF pizza crusts delivered twice and week from Olivia’s Oven, a local gluten free bakery.  During lunch time, they offer a $6.99 pizza buffet for all the gluten eating folks.  My 12″ gluten free pizza was around $15… not too bad.

It looked normal and tasted normal!  If I had one observation, it would be that the crust was a little soft- but I’m not complaining.  It was loaded with cheese and toppings.  Seriously, it never crossed my mind that I wasn’t eating normal wheat pizza.

It was so good, I had to make it one of my regular stops!

My Second Visit:

The Pizza was great- just like the first time!  This time I ordered a bacon pizza and my gluten free sister had black olives.

They also offer gluten free bread sticks and cookies- which we had to try.  Not only is this a great review for Waldo Pizza, I must also praise Olivia’s Oven for supplying the crusts, cookies, and bread sticks.

While I was in the bathroom, the waitress delivered the check.  My girlfriend told me that the mints the waitress left were not gluten free.  I thought she tricking me and just wanted my candy.  I asked the waitress if the mints really weren’t GF, and she said I couldn’t eat them.  This shows me that they even took the extra step to know if the mints are gluten free.

I will be returning frequently and bringing friends!

Can’t Eat Just One!

Last night I went over to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner.  She was having turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn… so I’m all good with the menu.  I immediately opted for a margarita instead of a beer… so far so good!  After dinner something terrible happened!  My aunt makes her amazing chocolate chip cookies!  I had to have just one… well I’d already had one- one more isn’t going to hurt… two or three, who cares!  So, about an hour later my stomach starts to act up.  You’re probably saying, “but Mike, I thought you didn’t have the typical stomach type of symptoms?”  True, I usually don’t… which leads me to my next topic: The less gluten I eat, the more I feel.