Glutino Gluten Free Cookies

The near empty packages of Glutino cookies in my video really says it all… they are really good!  All three kinds were excellent.

I had mixed expectations for these cookies.  I have low expectations for anything baked and gluten free.  Although, those expectations are rising recently.  I had higher than usual expectations from Glutino, because they make amazing gluten free pretzels.

They aren’t dry and flavorless like a lot of gluten free products.  Each flavor is full of good taste and melts in your mouth.  The chocolate chip flavor have that dry feeling at first, but give it a second, and it quickly melts.  The Chocolate Vanilla Creme, very similar to Oreo cookies, was actually much better than what I remember of Oreos.  The Vanilla Creme I expected to be my least favorite.  I usually don’t like vanilla products, but these turned out to be my favorite!  Very sweet.

I plan to buy some of these cookies and Glutino pretzels when I am off my diet.  I stashed away a few of each flavor in a Zip-Lock bag for me to enjoy on my way to Costa Rica after my diet it over!

Always Hungry

I’m getting used to this hungry feeling… nothing seems to fill me up the same way a gluten filled meal does.  But really, it isn’t so bad.  I’m not on a super clean/healthy diet, so I can usually find something to snack on.  I’ve just been watching my portion size.  Corn chips, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, buy viagra online canada, pistachios, an orange, and some gluten free pretzels.  The pretzels tastes just like normal people ones!

Blinding OverExcitement

Sometimes you are starving and in need of a snack.  Your hunger gets the best of you and you overlook obvious things. 

Tonight I went to the local boat show.  Along with boating stuff, they allow any vendor with a product into the show.  One vendor was selling mixes for dips, and they had fifteen dips made and laid out as samples.  I asked the vendor how you make them and confirmed that there is no gluten in them.  Exciting!  So, I start to sample them… then I suddenly realize I am eating pretzels!  Crap!  Fun over!

Don’t let your excitement and hunger get the best of you!

Get some gluten free dip mixes to eat with some corn chips or GF pretzels.