Costco Connection Gluten Free Article

In the Costco Connection Magazine from June 2010, you will find an article about celiac disease titled “A Pain in the Gut”.

Click on the article image to read the article on Costco Connection’s website:

To me this is just another sign that the disease is become so prevalent, that even Costco is talking about it.  Costco has even become pretty good about carrying some gluten free products.

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Interview: My Gluten Free Bakery

Last week I was traveling to mid-Missouri and decided to swing down to Jefferson City to see My Gluten Free Bakery. While there, I sat down for an interview with the owner, LaVerne Frederick.  I always love hearing stories about how someone became gluten free and how they turned it into a business.

LaVerne talks about how she determined she had to be gluten free, how she planned and opened the business, what products she offers, and what she has planned for the upcoming months.  It was very informative and interesting.

She offers more products than any other gluten free bakery I have ever heard of.  She will also modify her products to meet many different dietary needs.  Please view all of her products on her website.



Afterward, I got to sample some of her fresh products.  Her bread, chocolate cupcake, and cinnamon roll were outstanding!  I had to buy some things to take home with me.  I’ve been enjoying them all week.


Here is one excerpt of the interview where she nearly gives away all of her secrets for gluten free Twinkies and Red Lobster’s Cheddar Biscuits.



My Gluten Free Bakery

312 W. Dunklin Street

Jefferson City, MO  65101

(573) 634- 3733

Gluten Free Lifestyle Survey

I am always thinking about ways to make life easier. My current, and will be lifelong, obsession is the gluten free industry. Please take this survey to help us decide what products and ideas to finally put into action. It is only 20 questions and confidential. Thank you!

Click here to take our Online Survey

Gluten Free Starter Kit

For those of you just switching to a gluten free diet, with the help of experienced readers, I figured we could assemble a list of essential things to try first or own to assist in switching to a gluten free diet.  This will help you get started.  I will start with my favorites.

Non-food products to own:

  • Triumph Dining Combo Pack:  Gluten Free Restaurant Guide, Grocery Guide, and Dining Cards.  This is my favorite resource when heading to the grocery store or out to eat.  They are all easy to use and an invaluable resource.
  • Books???  (I haven’t read many, so I’ll need some help here)

Food products:

  • Mary’s Gone Crackers:  Some great multi-seed crackers.  I eat them all the time, even tonight.  They can uaully be easily found in grocery stores.
  • Wild Thymes: I have tried a handful of their products and love them all.  Not only are they much better than any salad dressing or sauce you can buy in a store, they are gluten free!
  • Glutino Pretzels:  Honestly, these are the best pretzels I’ve ever had.  Even my non-GF friends confirm that.
  • Quinoa Ancient Harvest Gluten Free Pasta:  I’ve served this to non-GF people and they don’t know it… muhahaha!
  • Crunchmaster Crackers:  I first found these at a winery in Napa, then a non-GF friend told me about how good they were.  I have had some trouble finding them since, and they are not in my local SAMS or COSTCO.
  • Andrea’s Fine Foods Bread:  By far the best bread I’ve tried!  The cookies are great too… actually everything I’ve tried there is great!  They can ship nationwide.


  • Godfather’s Pizza: I love Godfather’s gluten free pizza.  You will have no idea it is GF.  The best part, it is the same price as a regular pizza!
  • P.F. Changs:  If you are missing chinese food, because you can’t eat the soy sauce, then P.F. Chang’s is a much needed treat!  I love the food on the GF menu and the portion sizes.


  • Gluten Free Awareness Wristbands: We just passed 1,000 sold!  Show your support and wear your wristband proudly and people will ask you what it means.  It is your opportunity to spread awareness.  For me, it started as a daily reminder to eat gluten free, but can also serve as a conversation piece or alert for doctors.  I haven’t taken mine off in months(you should see the tan line!)
  • Gluten Free Bumper Stickers: Tell everyone on the road that you support eating gluten free.  Help spread the awareness everywhere you go!

Gluten Free Bumper Stickers




The Gluten Free Bumper Stickers

are on their way!

We start shipping July 15th, 2009.

Preorder yours while before they are sold out!


Check out the information page for photos, specifications, and to order!

GFBumperSticker 1a