Week 9 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

199.5 down to 197.5… 3 weeks to go.

Well… Not a lot to say this week.  The video pretty much sums it up:
Do normal things and you get normal results.  Time to stop being normal!

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Week 8 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

  • I’m happy that I broke the 200lb. mark (220 down to 199.5)
  • I’m perfectly on schedule 2/3 weeks done (8 of 12 weeks) & 2/3 weight lost (20 of 30lbs)
  • I’m unhappy that I have not lost more. I wanted to be well under 200lbs at this point.
  • Every pound is getting harder and harder.
  • I’m frustrated that 2 days after weighing in, my weight can be up 3 or 4 pounds.
  • I’m mad that I have to work the majority of the week to get back to where I was, and then bust ass to lose a little more.
  • No more cheat days!
  • No more days off from cardio!
  • I’m going to sample some of Syntrax’s Thermogenic (fat burner) starting this week.

Week 7 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

Thankfully, I lost some weight this week!  2lbs!  I’m very happy with this!  Coming off a week where I didn’t lose anything, I stepped up my diet a little and kept a better eye on it. 203 to 201- Started at 220.

I was really worried about this week, since I went back home to my parents house Friday to Monday.  I saw a lot of old friends, and most of those meetings revolved around food and alcohol.  I didn’t drink much at all, but I can’t say the same about eat.  It seems we always go to my favorite places when back home.  The type of food and especially potions are not diet food material.

I’m happy with losing 2lbs per week at this stage in the diet.  Next week I HAVE to lose at least 2 more, which puts me under 200lbs!!!  I haven’t been under 200lbs since I started college.

Week 6 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

I’m disappointed in myself.  I didn’t lose any weight this week- stuck at 203.  My goal was to hit 200lbs this week.

I think I have lost some dedication to the diet.  I’m a firm believer that eating healthy and exercising should be a lifestyle change and not just a “diet” determined by a time period.  Recently, I have stopped counting every calorie and eating my meals at a certain time.  Maybe I was premature to think I could handle my new lifestyle without writing everything down and counting every calorie.

I wouldn’t say I have lost motivation, but I have gotten off track a little.

I also believe that around 200lbs is the end of my “easy” weight loss.  Each pound from here forward will be harder, but it will be real weight.  No more easy water weight losses, only real weight.

I may have to go back to my old routine of counting calories and every nutritional fact.  Once I make it to my goal, then I can try going back to a “lifestyle” instead of a tracked “diet.”

Week 5 Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

I lost 2 pounds this week! 205 to 203(Started at 220). I’m happy with this. This puts me in a good position to hit 200lbs at the end of week 6, which would leave me with 10 more pounds to lost in the remaining six weeks of my diet.
There isn’t much to say about this week. It was a normal week of solid work.


  • Start your diet on a Monday.  I weigh in on Fridays, so over the weekend I have the tendency to cheat a little. If you weigh in on Monday, then you don’t want to cheat over the weekend.
  • Keep a healthy snack around for those moments when you are staving or it is time for another meal and you are tempted to cheat.  I keep Nectar protein packets around, since I can eat them anywhere I have water.

GF Weight Loss Diet: Week 4

After not losing any weight last week, I was really praying to at least see a few pounds gone this week.  I lost 3 pounds: 208 to 205.

This was a good week, so I don’t have much to say.  I stuck to the diet, no big cheat meals, and got some cardio in.

My Nectar protein packets have really become a staple on my diet.  One is always my last meal of the day around 10PM.  I shouldn’t have any carbs this late at night, so getting 23g of protein, 0g carbs, 0g fats, and 0g sugar is perfect!

My goal for the next two weeks is to lose 5 pounds, so I will be at 200 starting the second half of my diet.  I don’t see any big obstacles in my way this week, or next, so I will be upset if I don’t get there.

GF Weight Loss Diet: Week 3

Everything finally came together in week 3 of my diet.  I was eating right and exercising.  I was looking forward to my Friday weigh-in.

On Friday, I got on the scale…. 208.  NO CHANGE!!! How could this be?  I had my best week yet perfecting my diet and did the most exercise.  Was I eating too many calories?  Was I eating too little with the amount of workouts I was doing?  Was my last weigh in with very little water in my body and this week with a lot?  What’s the deal?

Overall, I am not too frustrated by it… but really hoping for a better weigh-in next week.

2 tips:

No big cheat meals!  I was out with some friends on Friday night.  I only had one drink- I was being good.  Everyone decided to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant.  I decided it was OK to have the half order of my usual nachos.  So, I ate the whole thing.  I felt like absolute crap for the next 3 days.  I couldn’t even sleep well that night.  It wasn’t because of the guilt of eating something I wasn’t supposed to, but all that unhealthy food, just made me feel like crap.  Even Saturday and Sunday, I still felt terrible.  So, maybe you can have a cheat ITEM, but not a huge meal.

Start your diet on a Monday- not on a Friday.  I started on a Friday, because that was what January 1st fell on- not by choice.  I find that if I have a good week and weigh-in on a Friday, then that gives my the mentality that I can cheat over the weekend, since I have many days until I weigh in again.  I need to work as if my weigh-in is every day, taking every day as if it was the same.  No more cheating on Friday after the weigh-in!!!

10 Month Update: All About Mindset

I figured it was time to give everyone an overall update as I am hours away from my ten month anniversary of being gluten free.  I enjoy, learn from, and get encouragement from other people’s stories, so I am going to share mine.

It hasn’t been nearly as hard as I had thought.  It is all about mindset.  Once you have it in your head that you are not going to eat gluten, and you accept that you never will again, it isn’t so hard.  Like anything you do in life, you have to do it 100% to be successful!

I was diagnosed a few years ago, but I was living a fast-paced life and didn’t have any symptoms as daily encouragement to switch to a gluten free diet.  At the end of 2008, I noticed I was always tired and didn’t feel great.  My diet, not only containing gluten, wasn’t great overall.

I made the switch on my own.  I didn’t have a doctor or anyone setting the date for me.  I did it myself.  I think this helped me mentally prepare.  At that time, I started this blog and got involved in the gluten free community.  Immersing myself daily into the gluten free world really helped me stay motivated.  Start a blog, get on Twitter, search the internet, or connect with gluten free people on facebook.

I honestly can’t say I’ve been 100% gluten free.  If you step outside your house, I doubt anyone can honestly know they have not ingested any gluten.  There are lots of times I make my best effort to know what I am eating, but sometimes you are only 90% sure and you eat it anyway.  It is next to impossible to be 100% gluten free.  I can only count a few times, where I have suspected that something might contain gluten and eaten it anyway.  If I have an alternative, then I always pick that, but sometimes you don’t have a choice.  Only once, have I knowingly eaten gluten.  I was in a tough situation, with someone I had just met, and to save time, confusion, and other complications, I ate it anyway.  Looking back, I regret it.  Don’t cheat!

I have been able to find substitutes for almost everything I used to enjoy eating or drinking.  Yes, it is frustrating to watch friends eat pizza or chicken tenders, but I know I can go home and make it better the next day.  Beer has been the hard thing to replace and it costly to find alternatives.  This is one case where you just have to buck up and buy more expensive beer.

My advise for people starting out: Get your mind right.  After you have yourself convinced you will never eat gluten for you and that it is “poison” to your body, get involved.  Daily, read about what is going on in the gluten free community.  Get your family and friends behind you.  Once they know you are going to fight to the death over not eating gluten, they will willing accommodate to your needs.  Get your wife, husband, significant other, kids, or whatever on your side and maybe have them eat gluten free at home also.  Having my girlfriend eat gluten free at home has been a big help.

JUST DO IT!  In the end you will feel much better, and that is the biggest motivation of all.


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